Sweltering deserts, red towering buttes, banded sandstone mountains, & conifer forests makeup the vast majority of the southwest. It’s rustic, awe-inspiring, and nostalgically American. Whether it’s desertscapes, rusted iron antiquities, or just another Gold Rush era ghost town- the west provides a very unique aesthetic for any aspiring explorer or photographer, and in our case, a brand image.

Artisans on Fire photographer, Derek Gumin, has been shooting photography around the world for over a decade. Now based in Las Vegas, he’s been provided with the perfect starting point for any western adventurer. Just a few hours away in any direction, he’s able to travel and shoot at some of America’s most notable and breathtaking landscapes, many of which are right here in Nevada.

Deep Roots Harvest is committed to the preservation and sustainability of Nevada’s land and water resources. Here you’ll see bits a pieces from around the Great Basin, Mojave, & Sonoran deserts. Each of the photos here has been intended to evoke feelings reminiscent of a turn of the century, wild west. Some of the featured locations are the Death Valley basin, Sedona, Arizona, and Rhyolite, Searchlight, Nelson, and Las Vegas, Nevada. These places offer a peek into American western culture and landscape, and why they are so important to protect.






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