When a photo reaches its full potential you can almost touch it, or in some cases… even taste it. That’s what Artisans on Fire photographer, Derek Gumin, aims to create with each of our locally grown, Deep Roots Harvest strains.

There’s a lot more to the cannabis plant than meets the eye. Like varieties of food and wine, marijuana strains have a flavor profile too. The citrus, skunk, pine, fruit, and earth aromas you smell and taste in cannabis stem from little chemical compounds found in plants called terpenes. They’re what give many of the things we eat on an everyday basis, like citrus fruit or herbs, their smell and taste. Not only that, terpenes provide medicinal benefits too, such as anti-bacterials, anti-depressants, and anti-inflammatories. Through science, we’ve discovered that those ‘herbal remedies’ you’ve heard about carry medicinal value, many of which share the same benefits as various cannabis strains. No wonder we’ve been using these plants for thousands of years.

So when developing creative new ways to present our marijuana, we carefully paired each of our strains with the fruits, herbs, and other trinkets that complement each strain based on their effect, terpene profile, and in some cases- it’s delicious namesake. We feel that when deciding which varietal works best for you, it’s always important to know it’s synergistic effects, as well as what flavors and fragrances to expect. And of course, a nice recommendation for a food or beverage pairing is always helpful too.


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